Why Bonzini

“BONZINI” The name alone identifies not only a brand, but a culture also. Customers choose this brand for its elegant design and quality construction. The craftsmanship that is built into every table is reflected by the value it retains far after the purchase. Customers across Europe know that purchasing a Bonzini is an investment for generations to come. For the serious player, Bonzini foosball tables provide a playing experience unmatched by all competitive brands. While most foosball tables promote a more “Race and Reaction” style of play, Bonzini offers a player the opportunity to develop his or her game to more of a “Control and Creativity” style to add their signature to the game. With the grippy surface of gerflex and the tackiness of the ball, any ball maneuver imagined can be executed with practice and dedication to the game.

Have Questions?

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