July 23

The Greater Greensboro Foosball Open Results


Spare Time Entertainment, Greensboro, NC
Over $1,845.00 Touranment Payout, Prizes and Trophies awarded
Registered Players 67, states represented (NC, SC, VA, IL, OH, TN)

Beginner Doubles

  • 1st Jack Doughten (NC) – Matthew Doughten (NC)
  • 2nd James Miller (NC) – Becky Thomas (NC)


  • 1st Doozy Rowell (SC) – Rickey Martin (NC)
  • 2nd Will Rowell (SC) – Fuji Alberts (SC)
  • 3rd Judy Wadford (SC) – Butch Williams (NC)


  • 1st Jimmy Nicholson (SC) – Mac Oxford (SC)
  • 2nd Dennis Corley (SC) – Larry Caulder (SC)
  • 3rd Randy Thomas (NC) – Bruce Nardoci (NC)

Over 1500 Limited Singles

  • 1st Robert Yates Jr. (NC)
  • 2nd Bruce Nardoci (NC)
  • 3rd Doozy Rowell (SC)
  • 4th Fuji Alberts (SC)

3800 Limited Doubles

  • 1st Victor Davis (NC) – Bruce Nardoci (NC)
  • 2nd Robert Yates Jr. (NC) – Mark Beal (NC)
  • 3rd Todd Chamberlain (NC) – Scott Powell (NC)
  • 4th Wayne Fabian (NC) – David Bryant (NC)

Under 1500 Limited Singles

  • 1st Mark Beal (NC)
  • 2nd Tony Shifflett (VA)
  • 3rd Richard Brewer (NC)
  • 4th Will Rowell (SC)

3500 Limited Doubles Remix ROTO

  • 1st Melanie Yates (NC) – Robert Yates Jr. (NC)
  • 2nd Cameron Hayes (NC) – Scott Powell (NC)
  • 3rd Tom Heath (NC) – Pete McLean (SC)
  • 4th Jason McCall (NC) – Rickey Martin (NC)

Mixed Doubles

  • 1st Lori Howell (NC) – Bruce Nardoci (NC)
  • 2nd Rebecca Terry (SC) – Fuji Alberts (SC)
  • 3rd Melissa Kegg (OH) – Tom Heath (NC)

Women’s Doubles

  • 1st Melissa Kegg (OH) – Rebecca Terry (SC)
  • 2nd Melanie Yates (NC) – Lisa Tolley (NC)
  • 3rd Michelle McCall (NC) – Lori Howell (NC)

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