January 16

The 2017 Crystal Coast Foosball Challenge Results


The Beach Tavern, Atlantic Beach, NC

  • Over $1,300.00 Tournament Payout, Prizes and Trophies awarded
  • Registered Players: 33
  • State represented NC, SC, TN and VA
  • Charity: Hope Mission of Carteret County
  • Collected and donated 450 pounds of dried goods plus another 550 pounds to be purchased and donated from player cash donations for a total of 1000 pounds.

Beginners Doubles

  • 1st Michele Nasti (VA) – Jasen Rowe (SC)
  • 2nd Richard Kern (NC) – Jake Powell (NC)

DYP Friday

  • 1st Steve Tubiolo (NC) – Robert Yates Jr. (NC)
  • 2nd Lisa Griffin (SC) – Bobby Pollard (NC)
  • 3rd Cristina Lovell (NC) – Victor Davis (NC)

3500 Limited Doubles

  • 1st Robert Yates Jr. (NC) – (Ding Ding) Yates (NC)
  • 2nd Jim Parris (NC) – Mark Beal (NC)
  • 3rd Victor Davis (NC) – Mark Anderson (NC)

U1250 Singles

  • 1st Ryan Winslow (NC)
  • 2nd Justin Tilley (NC)
  • 3rd Michele Nasti (VA)

O1250 Singles

  • 1st Robert Yates Jr. (NC)
  • 2nd Mark Anderson (NC)
  • 3rd Bobby Pollard (NC)

3200 Ltd Dbls Remix

  • 1st Lori Howell (NC) – Robert Yates Jr. (NC)
  • 2nd Justin Tilley (NC) – Alan Cribbs (NC)
  • 3rd Donald Parker (NC) – Brett Hewett (NC)

Mixed Doubles ROTO

  • 1st Melanie Yates (NC) – Robert Yates Jr. (NC)
  • 2nd Cristina Lovell (NC) – Alan Cribbs (NC)
  • 3rd Lisa Griffin (SC) – Mark Anderson (NC)

Women’s Doubles

  • 1st Lori Howell (NC) – Melanie Yates (NC)
  • 2nd Rebecca Bradley (TN) – Cristina Lovell (NC)
  • 3rd Lisa Griffin (SC) – Judy Wadford (SC)

Women’s Singles

  • 1st Judy Wadford (SC)
  • 2nd Lori Howell (NC)
  • 3rd Cristina Lovell (NC)

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