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A simple and effective passing series

It seems that of the players I know, (some pros, no pro-masters except Evan Stachelek is starting to be seen more often) the more experience they have, their five bar series becomes increasingly elaborate.My question to the group is, is it possible to get really good results using only 2 passes 90% or more of the time? Such as a brush up/brush down series. Of course this takes into account...

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Brush Pass Tip

K. Olbrantz wrote: I have a 1999 dynamo gold medal table and have been trying to learn various shots and passes. I cannot figure out how to do a brush pass despite reading the FAQ. Is it possible on this table? (Can I use the #1 lame excuse and blame the equipment–probably not). Anyone with any tips or tricks? Thanks One thing that might help you visualize how a brush…

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5 bar passing & defense

What is the best defensive plan against a well hidden brush with a long hover. The hover is not as long as say Tony Bacon nor is it struck as hard.mIt is quite firm though and VERY steep. But he never seems to hit my secondmman when I take it to the wall even if I crush the buper and back tilt. The worst part is when I try to...

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5 bar shooting & defending 5 bar shots (singles)

Jim West wrote: I would classify myself as one of the better local players. Certainly not the best, but I can consistently beat 90% of the foosers around here. I have a very good pull shot and can usually hold my own at goalie. My weakness is at the 5 bar, which is average at best. I own a Tornado table and have spent countless hours attempting unsuccessfully to master…

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