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General and Front Pin Shot Tips II

Bruce, I read with great interest your FAQ on the front pin shot. I am a player from the 70's (then on Tournament Soccer tables) who has just discovered a foosball league. I am very rusty, you might say corroded. I am attempting to develop a front pin shot and have many questions. I will only ask a few: 1. I am trying to start off with the three fingfer...

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Cut Shots

When I said go all the way across the goal, I meant if you were set up on the push (far) side of the goal you wouldn’t be able to use a rollover motion to shoot the ball all the way across the goal to the near (pull) side, and a good goalie would recognize that and know he only had to defend 2/3rds of the goal, making it easy…

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Fun Rollover Type Shots

I have stumbled upon a new shot (for me that is) it seems to be rather effective at least until the defender sees it a couple of times. It is a Roll over that starts just inside the goal box line either side, if the long side and the defenders 2 man is gaurding the ball with the goalie in the middle of the goal, or to the side it...

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What Shots to Use II

I guess this depends on what you deem “the top”. If you are talking about excelling at rookie events, sure a good unusual shot may help you win a little more at this level, but in a way you are mortgaging your future for immediate results. This is certainly a theory i don’t agree with. What really makes or breaks a player is learning to adjust. If someone is blocking…

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Airball Shots

Bruce Nardoci wrote: We also had some other games like "aerial assault" (nothing but air-ball shots allowed, from any bar), and "meatball" (which later came to be known as "oneball" on Tornado tables). Thor Hoberg-Petersen wrote: Bruce, when you were playing aerial assault, which shot did you make? In particular, what shots can you do with the five bar. Were you allowed to hit the surface (to get a bounce)....

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What Shots to Use

In article , Richard A Chapman wrote: Free advice for rookies: Snakes and pulls shots compromise 90% of all the shots done. Good goalies see alot of these and therefore develop at least a couple of different defenses for each shot. While developing your snake or pull, work on either a pullkick, pushkick, or pushshot as a backup shot. These shots are seen much less and therefore goalies do not…

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More Front Pin Shot Tips II

Here are some other questions though: 1) Do you press downwards on the rod, the way most rollover shooters do, when preparing to shoot? It seems if I don't do this, the rod has a tendency to rattle around in the bearing which I suspect decreases accuracy. By this I mean pressing downwards on the rod so there is pressure on the six o'clock position of the bearing... IMHO putting...

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More Front Pin Shot Tips

Average Bar Player wrote: Bruce, Rocky et al., First of all, thanks a lot to Bruce and Stefan for the great tips. I have realized that maintaining firm downward (rotational) pressure on the ball is important to preserve accuracy and maintain ball/man contact. Here are some other questions though: Do you press downwards on the rod, the way most rollover shooters do, when preparing to shoot? It seems if I…

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Front Pin Shot Tips

Rocky, I will have to ask you for some advice about shooting the front pin sometime as I have taught myself an open hand front pin. O.K. I'll offer the best info I can. I have largely given up shooting pulls and rollovers even though I suck with the front pin, because it's more fun to shoot and play with. As I don't practice those shots anymore they suck for...

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Front Pin Shot Tips II

I initially learned the more natural pull side. Could hit it very quickly and long, fairly consistent, but had not options. Learned a straight (not flipover, still with backswing). Then after a long time, learned the motion for push side and practiced almost exclusively that to really get it down. Now I hit the push more consistently than the pull, which often either doesn’t move enough laterally, or mishits and…

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