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Defending Bank Shots

Slowly but surely the game on our work table is evolving. Now we have a few guys who are developing wicked left hands and a combo near_bank/near_straight/far_bank from the corner on the defensive 3 bar out of a back and forth pass with the 2-man. Some of the other banks are starting to show up too as most goalies have learned how to work with the forwards to block the...

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Beginner Goalie Tips

As a goalie, is my first priority after blocking a shot, 1)try to score or 2)just get the ball up the table out of my zone? If all I do is clear the ball, does this make your partner mad because he has to try to grab the loose ball all of the time? I am not much of a shooter out of the back and get stuffed a lot…

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Snake Shot Defense

I really suck at blocking snake shots. Can someone give me some advice that has worked for them? It seems that every time my opponent gets the ball, he scores. Seems to be nothing I can do but hope he misses. Thanks. If you don't mind taking advice from a rookie, here's what works for me: 1. Keep your men moving, but not in a regular rhythm. Change-up constantly; pause,...

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Front Pin Shot Defense

Since I’ve never been to a large out of state tourney, I was wondering a few things… I’ve never seen anyone shoot a front pin shot well (or…as their main shot). What can I expect at Nationals? Will there be a lot of people with that shot? Maybe 1 out of 10 or 20? And out of those people I play who use it…is it really HARD to defend? What…

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Blocking the Rollover (Snake) shot

Here is a article that helped me a lot. For those of you who like the snake shot or are indifferent about it, you will just have to wade through the characterizations like "namby-pamby" shot. It is the price you pay for knowledge. Thanks again to the author of the article, Tim Dudra. Dave Jones I'm posting this in response to a number of requests for "Hints on Snake Defence"....

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