December 13

What Shot to Shoot?!?!

Hello, I need some advice here. I started foosing about one and a half months back. I consider myself as a fanatic because I played nearly everyday usually for about 4-5 hours since I started. During the first 3 weeks,...

November 17

5 bar shooting & defending 5 bar shots (singles)

Jim West wrote: I would classify myself as one of the better local players. Certainly not the best, but I can consistently beat 90% of the foosers around here. I have a very good pull shot and can usually hold...

March 10

Blocking the Rollover (Snake) shot

Here is a article that helped me a lot. For those of you who like the snake shot or are indifferent about it, you will just have to wade through the characterizations like "namby-pamby" shot. It is the price you...

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