Table Care Schedule

Bonzini Table Maintenance Schedule

Your investment in the Bonzini table will provide many years of enjoyment and quality play if properly maintained. We are providing this schedule below to you as a guideline to follow to achieve longevity and consistent play. We thank you for your interest in our product and are assured it will bring you many years of playing enjoyment.

B-90 Model

Extend rods to outward position and remove any old lubrication or accumulated dust from inner and outer rods. Place a few drops of a Teflon lubricant (Bonzini U.S.A. approved product-Super Lube with PTFE) on both inner and outer rods. Spin the rods smoothly inward to insure even lubricant application. You can use any synthetic lubricate with Teflon added.

Clean surface of playfield with cleaner, Fantastik or you can use rubbing alcohol. Remove all residues with damp sponge or cloth.

B-60 Model

Same schedule as above with the exception of inspecting the coin mechanism for proper operation and lubrication. Note that playing surface can be detached from upper cabinet for easier access when cleaning.

It is recommended that the balls be replaced every 3 months with the official tournament play ball (ITSF B Ball). These can be purchased from Bonzini U.S.A

Have Questions?

Our staff is available to assist and answer any questions you have. Our owners will gladly take time to go over the product in detail with you. Just give us a call at your convenience.