May 02

Brush Pass Tip

K. Olbrantz wrote:

I have a 1999 dynamo gold medal table and have been trying to learn various shots and passes. I cannot figure out how to do a brush pass despite reading the FAQ. Is it possible on this table? (Can I use the #1 lame excuse and blame the equipment–probably not). Anyone with any tips or tricks? Thanks

One thing that might help you visualize how a brush pass works is to call it a “shove” pass instead. The pass isn’t done like other passes where you swing at the ball and essentially HIT it straight or chop/cut it at an angle. With a brush pass, you gently make contact with the ball as you “shove” your man in the direction you want the ball to go – the balls continuing friction contact (i.e., “brushing”) with the face of the foot of the man causes the ball to continually adjust its direction until it winds up going in the same direction as the man.

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