January 17

2016 Crystal Coast Foosball Challenge Results


2016 Crystal Coast Foosball Challenge Results

The Beach Tavern, Atlantic Beach, NC
Over $1300.00 Tournament Payout, Prizes and Trophies awarded
Registered Players: 34
States represented NC, SC & FL
Charity: Hope Mission of Carteret County
Collected and donated 510 Pounds of dried goods and $100 from sponsors and player support

Novice Doubles

  • 1st Lori Howell (NC) – Justin Tilley (NC)
  • 2nd Deborah Cox (NC) – Cristina Lovell (NC)
  • 3rd Becky Hurst (SC) – Donald Hurst (SC)

Draw Your Partner AB

  • 1st Lisa Griffin (SC) – Robert Yates Jr. (NC)
  • 2nd Buck Ricks (SC) – J.R. Cox (NC)
  • 3rd Lori Howell (NC) – Butch Williams (NC)

U1250 Singles

  • 1st John Walker (NC)
  • 2nd Cameron Hayes (NC)
  • 3rd Justin Tilley (NC)

Women’s Doubles

  • 1st Becky Hurst (SC) – Cristina Lovell (NC)
  • 2nd Lisa Griffin (SC) – Judy Wadford (SC)
  • 3rd Lori Howell (NC) – Deborah Cox (NC)

3500 Limited Doubles

  • 1st Cameron Hayes (NC) – Robert Yates Jr. (NC)
  • 2nd Rickey Martin (NC) – Chris Hayes (NC)
  • 3rd J.R. Cox (NC) – Alan Cribbs (NC)

O1250 Singles

  • 1st Robert Yates Jr. (NC)
  • 2nd Rickey Martin (NC)
  • 3rd Billy Atkisson (NC)

3200 Ltd Dbls Remix

  • 1st Robert Yates Jr. (NC) – (Ding Ding) Yates (NC)
  • 2nd Cameron Hayes (NC) – Chris Hayes (NC)
  • 3rd Eric McCraw (NC) – Butch Williams (NC)

Mixed Doubles ROTO

  • 1st Cristina Lovell (NC) – Robert Yates Jr. (NC)
  • 2nd Becky Hurst (SC) – Butch Williams (NC)
  • 3rd Lori Howell (NC) – Alan Cribbs (NC)

Great tournament! What a performance by Robert Yates Jr. going 5 for 5 in all events entered. This is
the first time in the history of Bonzini USA Foosball tour events this has ever happen Congratulations
Robert!!. Want to give a shout out to the members of S.H.O.T.S., not only for their support with the
extra food donations, but for their play as well. I want to thank Butch, Eric, and Lyn for making the long
drive to join us for the weekend. It’s always a pleasure to have LHOF represented at our hosted events.
Eastern NC has a healthy representation also this past weekend. Winston-Salem area foosers had great
finishes also at the Beach Tavern. 10 teams in Mixed Doubles and 5 Women’s Doubles teams, nice
support ladies. We’re looking forward to returning next year as this event is becoming the best little
beach tournament on the east coast. Time to focus on the South Carolina State Foosball Championships
February 19th thru 21st. There will be a small warm-up event January 30th at Old Nick’s Pub in Lewisville,
NC. Hope to see you there.

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