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    B90 Home Model
    B90 2 Drawer Model
    B60 Coin-Op Standard
    B60 Coin-Op Rustic
    B90 12 Drawer Model
    B60 Coin-Op Specialty
    Custom Designs
    B90H Handicap Accessible
    B90L Louis Philippe Lathe-Turned Leg Model

    B60R Table
    Special Order call for availability
    Telescoping Safe Rods
    Safer for children. Rods do not protrude through the other side of the table which can often result in injuries to children standing on the other side. Makes table well suited for public game rooms.
    Low Inertia. The lighter weight of the rods allows for easier handling and play.
    Hand Painted Figurines
    Beautiful Artistic Players. Individually hand painted and can be custom painted upon request to match a team or your company/business logos.
    Elegant and Elite. This table stands in a class of its own. Its design is so stunning it will always grab attention of customers.
    Changeable Handles
    Variety Handle Selection. Bonzini tables are designed such that the handles are interchangeable with a variety of handle designs. Locking screw prevents theft.
    Enhanced Play
    Extreme Ball Control. This is one of Bonzini's defining qualities. The incredible ball control offered by Bonzini allows for a more imaginative game by allowing for a greater variety of play styles. A more fun filled game means more repeat customers.
    Ball Delivery
    Variable Ball Delivery. An adjustable ball delivery system allowing for 7 to 13 balls per game.
    Superior Quality
    Metal Figurines. Very strong and durable play figures unlike most of the industry which uses plastic. No breaking figures allows for a more steady revenue and lower maintenance for your table.
    Telescoping Rods. Ground steel with chrome plating.
    Goals. Polished Aluminum.
    Cabinet. Solid Beech wood and Beech plywood 22mm thick.
    Table Dimensions
    60"L x 42"W x 37"H
    Table Weight
    198 lbs.
    Regulation Tournaments
    Official Tournament Table. The Bonzini table is recognized as the official tournament table chosen by the AFBF ( French foosball Association ) and Bonzini USA Tournament Tours.
    Tournament Revenue. Tournaments are a great way to increase revenue. Either through your own local events or major organized events by Bonzini USA.
    Player Owned
    Bonzini USA are players! We at Bonzini USA are all players including the company president! We offer more than just a table. When you own a Bonzini you are a part of a community of players. Bonzini USA and Bonzini players will assist in promotions of your Bonzini events. This is because we at Bonzini USA are more than a company, we are part of the community of players. You will not find this kind of support from any other foosball company.
    Player Supported
    Player Community. Bonzini offers you more playing experiences through meeting other players, playing at Bonzini venues and Bonzini USA and player supported events. When you place a Bonzini at your location, we will list you in the location directory for all players to view.
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