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    This page contains information about the Bonzini factory (in France) and manufacturing process, as well as a comprehensive "tour" (in pictures) of a table being built from raw wood to finished product boxed for shipping. This page may take a minute or two to fully load, as there are many pictures.


    Quality is the spearhead of Bonzini's approach: they manufacture and assemble in-house the essential elements of their products. Bonzini's priority is to use only top quality supplies so as to ensure the longevity and attractiveness of their game machines. Their commitment to quality enables us to provide a legal guarantee of up to 5 years on most of our equipment as well as to continue warranty coverage on those machines which go beyond their product line generation.

    This is why many prestigious brands have confidence in Bonzini (they are the exclusive supplier for the French  Federation of Babyfoot (table soccer). The table's purely mechanical design and highly corrosion resistant materials allow Bonzini tables to be installed in places like campgrounds and the  beaches of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts.

    The Bonzini table's success can be largely attributed to the fact that the company has always applied its technical and general mechanical knowledge and expert craftsmanship into the fabrication of its leisure market products. Each foosball table made in their workshops, is viewed as an ambassador for the quality and know-how of the BONZINI company.

    At Bonzini's 4,400 square meter site in France, they manufacture 500 foosball tables per month, including all models, thus nearly 5,000 game machines per year.



    Bonzini's Craft Workshops contain 20 wood machines, including: wood trimming machines, 5 tree cutters with universal tree, reproduction breaker ploughs, wide belt 800 mm sanders, multi-head cycle drills (16 spindles). Their Mechanical fabrication workshops contain 25 machines, including: milling machine, lathes machines, presses, circular transfer machine with 5 posts, etc..

    Bonzini consumes nearly 600 cubic meters in blocks of beech wood. Their preferred source of this wood comes from the forest reserves in eastern France. The widest planks for these pieces are made in multiple layers from our primary beech wood in 12 layers with a total thickness of 22 mm.

    Equipment list: 20 wood machines, including wood trimming machines, 5 tree cutters with universal tree, reproduction breaker ploughs, wide belt 800 mm sanders, multi-head cycle drills (16 spindles).

    Each foosball table is assembled and inspected by an adaptable team formed by the high quality control standards set by their enterprise.

    The major technical elements separating the quality of Bonzini foosball tables from other manufacturers are:

    - The telescopic bars holding the player figurines are in 14 mm semi-hard steel, coated with 30 microns of hard chrome thus insuring high resistance to corrosion.

    - The interior shafts on which the bars slides are made of 9 mm semi-hard steel specially polished/ground, making possible - thanks to an optimal rubbing coefficient - the flexibility in the bar's movements.

    - Players: aluminum and silicic materials, highly resistant to breakage guaranteed; painted by hand and oven dried.

    - Cabinet which opens (only on the B60 model line for public places): making it possible to clean the playfield area of he table; the playfield is in vinyl resin, unbreakable and with easy maintenance.

    - Bar bearings: polyamide materials, highly wear resistant.

    - Coin mechanism: sturdy, extremely reliable and selective.

    - Customer Service: guarantee for the replacement of all parts, thanks to the precision of mechanical tolerances.  

    Table Building Tour:                    
    (click on pictures for larger image)  

    FactoryWood1.jpg (22994 bytes)
    Raw Wood Received at Factory

    FactoryWood2.jpg (28672 bytes)
    Wood is cut to length
    FactoryWood3.jpg (21639 bytes)
    Wood surfaces are finished
    FactoryWoodMachines1.jpg (22135 bytes)
    Woodworking machinery
    FactoryWoodworking1.jpg (22010 bytes)
    Table cabinet sections being cut
    FactoryWoodworking2.jpg (24943 bytes)
    Cabinet portions ready for trimming
    FactoryWoodworking3.jpg (21757 bytes)
    More woodworking
    Bonzfactoryprod4-2.jpg (6770 bytes)
    FactoryPlayingSurface1.jpg (22918 bytes)
    Creating the playfield surface
    FactoryPlayingSurface2.jpg (31447 bytes)
    Two stages of playfield preparation
    FactoryTableWork1.jpg (22308 bytes)
    Building a cabinet
    FactoryTableWork2.jpg (23675 bytes)
    More work on the cabinet
    FactoryUnfinishedCabinets1.jpg (20572 bytes)
    Unfinished cabinets storage
    FactoryUnfinishedCabinets2.jpg (21377 bytes)
    Unfinished (painted) cabinets
    FactoryCabinetWorking1.jpg (37664 bytes)
    Cabinet work
    FactoryCabinetWorking2.jpg (29055 bytes)
    More cabinet work
    FactoryCabinetWorking3.jpg (35924 bytes)
    Cabinet finishing
    FactoryRodWork1.jpg (28321 bytes)
    Creating the table rods (bars)
    FactoryRodWork2.jpg (31127 bytes)
    Finishing table rods
    FactoryMenCutting1.jpg (24501 bytes)
    Processing playing figurines (men)
    FactoryMenCutting2.jpg (46589 bytes)
    Cutting flex & pin holes in the men
    Bonzfactoryman4-1.jpg (5708 bytes)
    Close up of the cutting process
    FactoryMenPainting1.jpg (37550 bytes)
    Painting the men (by hand)
    FactoryMenCooking1.jpg (29068 bytes)
    Oven cooking the paint on the men
    FactoryMen1.jpg (39389 bytes)
    Storage racks of finished men
    FactoryMen2.jpg (39244 bytes)
    Men waiting to be put on rods
    FactoryMen3.jpg (25812 bytes)
    Putting men on the rods
    FactoryMen4.jpg (38395 bytes)
    Storage for special styles of men
    FactoryMenStylesRack1.jpg (45805 bytes)
    One of every style man made so far
    FactoryParts1.jpg (26879 bytes)
    Table parts storage area in factory
    FactoryParts2.jpg (37872 bytes)
    Parts waiting to be put on tables
    FactoryParts3.jpg (26273 bytes)
    More parts waiting to be used
    FactoryParts4.jpg (22498 bytes)
    More parts: balls, rods, & men
    FactoryCabinetStorage1.jpg (22442 bytes)
    Finished tables waiting to be boxed
    FactoryMiscCabinets1.jpg (27129 bytes)
    More finished tables to be boxed
    FactoryBoxShipping1.jpg (21889 bytes)
    Boxed tables inside shipping truck
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