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    Company & History

    This page discusses the Bonzini Corporation in France (and Bonzini USA), as well as their history. Click on pictures for larger images.


    smBonzFactory1-2.jpg (6070 bytes)
    Bonzini Corporate Building (France)
         bonzini.gif (5888 bytes)
    Bonzini Corporation (France) Logo

    The French firm BONZINI (located at 24 rue Désiré Viénot, 93170 BAGNOLET - FRANCE), was founded in 1936, and has evolved in the leisure industry. They have been manufacturing for the last 40 years a line of Table soccer (foosball, called "babyfoot" in France) products which are highly recognized by the present generation as well as that of the 1960s. This has made their enterprise the internationally recognized French leader in this sector for several years.

    ShowroomLeft.jpg (50443 bytes)
    Showroom at France headquarters
    ShowroomRight.jpg (43572 bytes)
    Another view of the showroom

    The Bonzini brand foosball tables have 85% of the French market. Bonzini has sold more than 6,000 tables in such French speaking areas as the Antilles, Guyana, and some parts of the Indian Ocean and Africa. Their leadership position has enabled them to make their products available in many countries on all continents.

    Bonzini also is involved with sponsoring large foosball tournaments on the local and international levels.

    ShowroomParts1.jpg (32863 bytes)
    Parts counter in France showroom
    Alan&BergagliaShowroom.jpg (37519 bytes)
    Alan Cribbs (Pres., Bonzini USA)(left)
    Gerard Bergaglia (GM, Bonzini France)

    For a peek inside the Bonzini France factory, see the "Factory" page (button on left) on this website.



    For information on the history and founding of Bonzini USA, click here: Bonzini USA History. Information on the history of Bonzini France was briefly discussed above (more is available at their corporate website)   - the following are some historical pictures of the Bonzini Corporation in France:

    Early Corporation

    HistoryEarlyFactoryOutside(edited).jpg (26994 bytes)
    Original Bonzini France Building (19??)
    HistoryEarlyFactoryInside(edited).jpg (32501 bytes)
    Inside original Bonzini France factory

    Early Tables

    HistoryBasketTable(edited).jpg (16157 bytes)
    A table from 1938. Note the
    ball could be played with
    either the head or the foot
    of the man (the man was
    magnetized to enable the
    ball to be shot into the
    elevated baskets).
    HistoryEarlyTable(edited).jpg (25264 bytes)
    A table from 19??, more
    closely resembling todays
    HistoryElectronicTable(edited).jpg (23822 bytes)
    An electro-mechanical 
    table from 195?.
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