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    Foosball Table Dealers and Operators

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    Potential Dealer/Operator

    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company to you. Bonzini U.S.A. is a unique corporation in the aspect that it is owned and operated by table-soccer players of varied backgrounds and skill levels. Our goals are to provide both the operator and player equal attention to meet their mutual needs. We are the exclusive U.S.A. importers and distributors of the world's most popular table-soccer game. As a player, I have experienced the growth and decline of foosball in the Mid-Atlantic region for the past 25 years. Lack of support and structured events for players from distributors contributed to the declined interest in this sport. Bonzini U.S.A. was formed to organize the efforts of the operator and player base to maximize table earnings while simultaneously gaining player loyalty. While imitations of this table are found worldwide, only now through Bonzini U.S.A. can you operate and play the "original" French-style table-soccer game. For over 50 years, Bonzini France has been producing table-soccer games for the European community establishing its reputation for quality construction and customer service. Over 150,000 copies of the B-60 model have been distributed throughout the world. Bonzini France is the French leader supplying over 85% of its country's market. Please take time to review the information below and contact us at your convenience. Our corporation will be more than happy to discuss the background and growth of Bonzini U.S.A. Our representatives will be glad to answer questions from game operators concerning the growth of foosball in your area. We look forward to working with you in the near future.


    Garrett A. Cribbs

    Bonzini U.S.A.

    BonziniUSA Benefits
    • Local league competition to stimulate earnings
    • Distributor support for major tournament events
    • Over $10,000 in prize money for the 2006 tour
    • Telescopic rods for customer safety
    • Corporate website for players and operators
    • Dependable ball delivery system
    • Attractive pricing packages
    • A loyal staff at Bonzini U.S.A. dedicated to customer satisfaction


    Why Bonzini?
    For the Operator
    • Over 50 years experience in manufacturing table-soccer games
    • The official table of the French Federation of table-soccer for the past 15 years
    • Over 150,000 models of the B-60 produced
    • Telescopic rods for added safety to customers
    • Dependable ball deliver system for reliable play
    • Promotional support from Bonzini U.S.A. to maximize table earnings
    • Network support from other Bonzini operators located throughout the U.S.
    • Why Players Prefer Bonzini

    We welcome the opportunity to work with you in maximizing your table earnings and performance. At Bonzini U.S.A., we provide equal focus to the table operator and their patrons. The secret to a successful venture as a table operator is to provide a quality table that is well maintained and provides your customers reliable service and enjoyable playing features. The B-60 model from Bonzini U.S.A. accomplishes your every need. Bonzini U.S.A distributes the world's most popular table-soccer game. Our only business is table-soccer and the development of an operator network to increase table earnings through player promotional events. We are Bonzini U.S.A.


    Bonzini USA is currently looking for locations and dates to hold tournaments with a minimum purse of $500.00 or more. Bonzini USA will sanction and give tournament support for locations willing to sponsor a Bonzini table-soccer event with this minimum purse. Bonzini USA also supports all events held on French-style tables in the U.S. Anyone wishing to host a tournament in their area and needing assistance should contact us for information/promotion/help in your tournament needs.

    For an example of one of our other types of promotions, click here and here. More promotions examples: Village Cue & Pub, Wahoo's Exhibition, Chelsea Bar and Billiards.

    Industry Trade Expos and Shows
    Bonzini USA periodically exhibits at industry trade expo's & shows to display our product and promotions. Catch us at one!

    Here are some Expos/Shows we've attended or plan to attend:

    • Operators Auction, Winston-Salem N.C., November 1999 (Pictures)
    • 2000 NCAMA Annual Convention, Charlotte N.C. April 13-16, 2000 (Welcome Letter). (Pictures)

    Table Care
    Bonzini Table Maintenance Schedule

    Your investment in the Bonzini table will provide many years of enjoyment and quality play if properly maintained. We are providing this schedule below to you as a guideline to follow to achieve longevity and consistent play. We thank you for your interest in our product and are assured it will bring you many years of playing enjoyment.

    B-90 Model


    • Extend rods to outward position and remove any old lubrication or accumulated dust from inner and outer rods. Place a few drops of a Teflon lubricant (Bonzini U.S.A. approved product-Super Lube with PTFE) on both inner and outer rods. Spin the rods smoothly inward to insure even lubricant application. You can use any synthetic lubricate with Teflon added.


    • Clean surface of playfield with cleaner, Fantastik by SC Johnson preferred. Remove all residues with damp sponge or cloth.
    B-60 Model

    Same schedule as above with the exception of inspecting the coin mechanism for proper operation and lubrication. Note that playing surface can be detached from upper cabinet for easier access when cleaning.

    It is recommended that the balls be replaced every 3 months with the official tournament play ball (raw cork 16-18 grams). These can be purchased from Bonzini U.S.A


    Bonzini Quality
    Bonzini Tables Superior Quality and Playability

    The Bonzini table is an extremely durable table manufactured with unsurpassed quality.

    Become a Vendor
    How to become a Bonzini Vendor

    One of the goals at Bonzini U.S.A. is to help establish small business opportunities for players who want to take the responsibility of strengthening French style foosball in the Mid Atlantic region. Players should not be at the mercy of the local game distributor. Bonzini USA is firmly convinced that no individual understands the need for a well-maintained foosball table than the player him/herself. The Bonzini B60 model has proven to be a dependable and productive piece of equipment. Our player base has proven in the past to be the best representative for Bonzini U.S.A. We appreciate those players who have made local operators in their area aware of our products and services. Our current areas of interest are the Virginia Beach, Virginia area and locations in South Carolina in the Myrtle Beach and Charleston areas. If anyone is interested in vending opportunities please contact us at Bonzini U.S.A.

    Step 1:    Ask any Bonzini U.S.A. staff member about table package deals and vendor discounts for Bonzini U.S.A. sponsored events and table supplies.

    a) 4 or 8 table packages
    b) Great small business opportunity
    c) Strengthen growth of French style foosball
    d) Financial reward
    e) Bonzini U.S.A. vendor support service


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