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Tournament FAQ

How do I enter? The tournament events are open to anyone. You do not need to have ever entered a tournament before to signup for the events. Events are separated by devisions so that if you are a beginner or pro you can compete with others of similar skill. Signup early if all possible, those who get the player packages will get the best deals and receive bonus items.
Do I need a partner? There are both, singles and doubles events. For the doubles events you will need to bring a partner; however, if you do not have a partner before the tournament, you may find a partner at the event. There are often players who need partners the day of the events. We would suggest posting to the newsgroup if you are in search of a partner.
What do I need to bring? Only your partner if playing in doubles events. There are no special items required. Note: the hosting establishment may require an id if the establishment requires persons to be 21. Check with the location hosting the event.
What are the rules? There are a standard set of tournament rules followed for all Bonzini Tournaments. You should familiarize yourself with these rules before the tournament. The rules are mostly straight forward; however, if you have any questions feel free to email BonziniUSA or ask any official on the day of the events.
Is Spectating allowed? Yes! If you have never seen Bonzini Pro level players compete, you are in for an amazing performance. We welcome all spectators, friends and family to come out and join the fun.
I just play for fun with friends. Why should I come to a tournament?
Tournaments are simply an incredible amount of fun and entertainment regardless of your skill or ability. People who come to tournaments are people who enjoy playing foosball. It is the best place to meet new friends with which to play. During tournament events there are tables available for casual play where you can meet new players and just have fun. There is nowhere else where you can be surrounded by so many people who just want to have a good time playing foosball.
I normally play on a different table, any advice? There are several pro level Bonzini players who are pro ranked on other tables. Anyone would be glad to help you make adjustments to any different feel in the table. We continue to have more and more players transition their game from other tables and do very well.

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