Subject: NC Open Results

From: "Alan Cribbs" <>

Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 12:03:10 -0400





2004 North Carolina Foosball Open

$2000.00 in Cash and Prizes


April 23rd and 24th


Fat Daddy’s Restaurant

Raleigh, NC


Designated Charity: The V Foundation


57 Registered Participants


Charitable Donation: $4,800.00


            What else can you say about a foosball tournament that raised almost 5 times what it pledged? Great job players! With the help of the Powerkick Team of Raleigh and 14 gracious table sponsors, we were able to exceed our pledge and shock The V Foundation with a check in the amount of $4,800.00. Before the check presentation. I was able to speak before the players as a group and stress the importance of elevating “sportsmanship” and curtailing acts of negative “gamesmanship”. Our table sponsors must see their contribution being put to a positive cause and atmosphere. Without a doubt, this was accomplished this past weekend. The competition was intense and fierce with the players putting on a good performance for the tournament and sponsors alike. I want to thank Ms. Stephanie Flanagan from The V Foundation for coming by to accept our donation. I appreciate all of the player/sponsors for taking the time to have their photo taken with Ms. Flanagan.


            I appreciate the respect shown by all the players during the presentation. It was really scary when I stood before 57 players in a tournament room full of tables and there was complete silence. Bonzini U.S.A. players came to realize that collectively they can make a difference for the image of the game. Together, we will build a stronger player’s foundation, tournament events and relationships in the charitable community. Thanks.


 Thanks to all of the following sponsors:


 Kitchen and Bath Galleries


Atlantic Whirlpool and Billiards


The Takei Family


Tornello Enterprises


Excel Communications


Egland Consulting Corporation


Jim-Lee Hat Company


Shenandoah Valley Foosball Association


1 Vision Technologies


Powell Corporation


Russell Mabus Corporate Services


Cribbs Inc.


Triangle Players Assoc. (Tornado players group)


 Novice division trophies graciously supplied by The Powerkick Team.


Thanks to Michael Harry and the Triangle Players Assoc. for the Thursday night fund raiser at Mogo’s.


Thanks to Mary Martin (Manager of Fat Daddy’s) for her contribution and promotion of this event and the hospitality. 


 Special Recognition List


 These players deserve recognition for their contribution above and beyond the call


 Set-Up Crew:                             Nikki, Eric Josephson, Mike Soluri


Tear-Down Crew:                      Shenandoah Valley Foosball Assoc., John Lewis


Officiating Help:                         Pat Ryan, Kenny Knicely


Tournament Organizing:             Nikki and the entire Powerkick Team of Raleigh


Tournament Directing:                Bruce Nardoci




 Open Doubles


1st                     Rick Owens (NC) & Bruce Nardoci (NC)

2nd                    Jim Parris (NC) & Mack Smith (NC)

3rd                     Pat Ryan (MD) & Jim Waterman (MD)     

4th                     Sam Crockett (VA) & Kenny Knicely (VA)

5th/6th                Jimmy Little (VA) & Alan Cribbs (NC)

5th/6th                Chad Meadows (NC) & Alan Watkins (NC)


Open Singles


1st                     Rick Owens (NC)

2nd                    Jimmy Little (VA)

3rd                     Bruce Nardoci (NC)

4th                     Jim Parris (NC)

5th/6th                Sam Crockett (VA)

5th/6th                Kenny Knicely (VA)


Expert Doubles


1st                     Lee Odom (NC) & Jim Hess (NC)

2nd                    Pat Ryan (MD) & Jim Waterman (MD)

3rd                     Scott Powell (NC) & James Little (NC)

4th                     Gary Siron (VA) & Dave Pelny (VA)


Expert Singles


1st                     Chad Meadows (NC)

2nd                    Sam Crockett (VA)

3rd                     Lee Odom (NC)

4th                     Chris Hayes (NC)


Novice Doubles


1st                     Greg Hendren (NC) & Todd Weatherspoon (NC)

2nd                    Mike Giles (NC) & Billy Atkisson (NC)

3rd                     Lisa Tolley (NC) & Alan Watkins (NC)

4th                     Gary Siron (VA) & Dave Pelny (VA)


Novice Singles


1st                     Gary Siron (VA)

2nd                    James Little (NC)

3rd                     Scott Dunbar (VA)

4th                     Alan Watkins (NC)


Friday DYP


1st                     Greg Hendren (NC) & Bruce Nardoci (NC)

2nd                    Mack Smith (NC) & Pat Ryan (MD)

3rd                     Jim Parris (NC) & Jack Voight (NC)


 Outstanding Player Performances:


 Pat Ryan and Jim Waterman


Chad Meadows


Rick Owens


Greg Hendren


 Next stop:


3rd Annual Thunder in the Mt. Foosball Spectacular


$1500.00 in Cash


Byers Street Bistro


Staunton, VA


Hosted by The Shenandoah Valley Foosball Association


Designated Charity: HOSPICE of Shenandoah


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