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VA Thunder in the Mountains ( 7-25-2003 )  
Open Doubles
1st Alan Cribbs / Jimmy Little $400
2nd Jim Parris / Doris Little $200
3rd John Wilkerson / Bruce Nardoci $120
4th Buddy Burchette / Mike West $80
5th/6th Sam Crockett / Drew Sheppard $40
5th/6th Thomas Barnoiu / Jeff Powell $40
Open Singles
1st Jimmy Little $200
2nd Bruce Nardoci $100
3rd Sam Crockett $80
4th Jim Corbett $40
5th/6th Jeff Powell BPP
5th/6th Alan Cribbs BPP
3500 Limited Doubles
1st Jim Parris / Bobby Yates $200
2nd Bruce Nardoci / Steve McKenzie $140
3rd Alan Cribbs / Jim Corbett $80
4th Buddy Burchette / Pat Ryan $60
Double Dip Doubles
1st HH Hancock / Andy Petesch $80
2nd James Neal / Rodney Spruill $60
3rd Kerry Painter / Bob Pelny $30
4th Scott Dunbar / Brian Gallatin BPP
Novice Doubles
1st Darrel Ruppell / John Meek BPP
2nd Chris Wesley / Lisa Tolley BPP
3rd Robert Rhodes / Shane Click BPP
4th Robbie Patterson / Jim Corbett BPP
Novice Singles
1st Marty List BPP
2nd Anthony Go BPP
3rd Rick Powers BPP
4th Tim Campbell BPP
1st Jim Waterman / Jimmy Little $70
2nd Jim Parris / Jim Corbett $40
3rd HH Hancock / Rick Forgey $30
BPP = Bonzini Prize Package

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