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Official Publications of BonziniUSA

Volume 1: Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 4
Volume 2: Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 4, Issue 5.
Volume 3: Issue 1, Issue 2

BonziniUSA Brochures
Marketing information on Bonzini tables and other products.

Bonzini Foosball Tables Brochure: Cover, Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
Bonzini Babyfoot Brochure (in French): Cover, Page 1
Bonzini B60 Table Brochure
Bonzini Le Stadium Table Brochure (in French)

BonziniUSA Letters
Various open letters to players, etc.

Jan 8, 1999
May 21, 1999 (Web Site Announcement)
Bonzini USA 1999 Year in Review
July 16, 2000 Bonzini Tournament News and Fall Highlights
October 31, 2000 Tournaments Update & Newsletter Info
Bonzini USA Consumer Alert September 11, 2000

Media Coverage
Magazine or other media coverage of Bonzini USA or Bonzini foosball in general

Stuff Magazine: A monthly magazine from England that provides buying tips on items of interest to men (sort of like the USA's Consumer Reports). The December 1999 issue covered foosball tables (called "Table Football" in England), and reviewed/tested several of the most popular brands of tables from around the world (including Bonzini, Tornado, and Garlando). Guess which table was rated #1 :-). Note: the pages had to be scanned in large format to make the text readable: Cover, Contents, Publisher's Info, Review Page 50, Page 51, Page 52, Page 53, Page 54, Page 55.
Men's Journal Magazine:  The September 2000 issue of this monthly magazine from America contains the "MJ Collection" - 90 things that are considered "the best of the year's best stuff", in six different categories. The "Kicks" category included the Bonzini table as the best in foosball. Note: the pages had to be scanned in large format to make the text readable: Cover, Contents, Publisher's Info, Editor's Info, Contributors Info, MJ Collection Intro, Page 158, Page 159.
ESP Magazine: February 17-23, 1999 Issue, Coverage of the birth of Bonzini USA by a local newspaper
Bonzini USA magazine advertisement: Keeping Families Together Through Competition
WXLV TV News Segments: February 1999, Video interview of Bonzini USA founder by local news show. You can also check out the transcripts of the shows on Monday (2-15-99) and Tuesday (2-16-99).
Bonzini USA Web Site Announcement, Notification of this Web Site's activation via the foosball newsgroup
NATSA Magazine Advertisement No 1, Bonzini USA's full page ad in the first issue of NATSA's "Foos News" magazine.
NATSA Magazine Advertisement No 2, Bonzini USA's full page ad in the second issue of NATSA's "Foos News" magazine.
Old Spice Whitewater Contest: A contest held by Procter & Gamble for their Cologne/After Shave in which the grand prize included a new Bonzini table from Bonzini USA! The following links show screen shots of the contest's defunct web site (Note: the contest ended 1/10/2000, so don't try to enter it now): Page1(top), Page 1(bottom), Page 2 (top), Page 2 (upper middle), Page 2 (lower middle), Page 2 (bottom), Page 3 (top), Page 3 (bottom), Page 3 (foosball link), Page 4 (top), Page 4 (bottom). Also, here is the Company press release announcing the contest: Press Release.
ECompany Goooooooal! Article, An article on foosball at tech companies from the June 2000 edition of the magazine, which mentions Bonzini USA.

Various articles that relate to Bonzini tables and tournaments, foosball in general, etc

First Trip to France to Play Foosball, by Bruce Nardoci
1998 Bonzini World Championships, by Bruce Nardoci (related Poster and Results; see also the AFBF Web Site's Tournaments and Press pages for newspaper clippings and pictures and other info about that tournament)
Winning Foosball (Humor), by Bruce Nardoci
A Brief History of Foosball in the USA, by Bruce Nardoci
Top Ten Tips For Winning at Foos (Humor), by "Johnny"
Crazy Games, by Bruce Nardoci
Origin of the "Rollover/Snake/Monkey/Wrist-Rocket" Shot, by Charles Mackintosh/Bruce Nardoci
Origin of the name "Foosball", by Rocky Willson
"Hooked on Foosball" (Page 1 Top, Page 1 Bottom, Page 2), an article in the February 4, 2001 Utica NY Observer-Dispatch newspaper about French-Style foosball leagues in New York.

These mainly focus on "German style" foosball (i.e., plastic men and plastic balls), but have a lot of general foosball info too.

FAQ #1, The RSTS Charter and Glossary (Charter for the "" newsgroup, as well as glossary of common foosball terms)
FAQ #2, Brush Passing Guide (mostly a German-Style table passing series)
FAQ #3, Playing Locations (Note: is out-of-date, see "Playing Locations" page on this site for current Bonzini related playing locations)
FAQ #4, Learning Foosball (geared toward German-Style tables)
FAQ #5, USTSA Rules of Play (Note: Bonzini rules are slightly different - see Bonzini USA Rules; the most current version of Bonzini France rules are available on the AFBF Web Site's Rules Page, the 1999-2000 season version of the Bonzini France rules are available written in the original French, and translated to English; there are also Bonzini rules (simplified, and written in French) as used in used in Canada). In addition, there is also the greatly simplified Bonzini USA Basic Rules, for friendly play.
FAQ #6, Snake and Pull Shots (Note: These shots are primarily used on German-Style tables)
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